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McCarthy Brands Stationery; We are proud Pacific, New Zealand and Australian owned and operated. Our business model is simple and direct to our variety of consumers, buyers and shoppers. 

We want to have every tool so that we can be helpful in schools and office space, by offering a competitive, comprehensive education, creative and corporate stationery product range.


02 9844 5807

027 290 0694

We are proudly associated with global brands that are recognised worldwide. Adding value and life experience with the opportunity to preempt local competition.

McCarthy Brands supplies to B2B/B2C predominately,  companies, small/med businesses, education sectors and independent organizations. We operate and deliver in New Zealand, Australia and across the Pacific.

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B2B Services: We offer raw materials, finished products, services or consultations that your businesse needs to operate, grow and profit.

Click to download our updated catalogues for bulk-buying for a small or larger business, we deal with them all. 

Available upon request

Last update: Jan 2021

Get our latest up-to-date Catalogue:

AU 02 9844 5807

NZ 027 029 0694

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