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McCarthy Brands ANZ Gives Back with Sponsorship Boost for Pacific Cultural Arts Centre.

To commemorate our corporate anniversary in business, McCarthy Brands Australia & New Zealand is pleased to launch a new community initiative supporting arts and cultural development in Australia, to coincide with Harmony month and covidsupport.

McCarthy Brands is proud to present its inaugural sponsorship to Matavai. Founded in 2013 by Freddy and Maryjane Schwenke (Co-Directors) Matavai is Sydney’s world-class Pacific Islands Cultural Arts Centre. “We work collaboratively and vigorously with people or organisations who share our vision,” says company spokesperson “.

“Matavai represents authenticity, presence, vitality, energy, relevance, excitement and innovation – and this sponsorship will support their operations and education programmes so they can continue to thrive. This sponsorship is also a pledge of support for our Pacific communities,” McCarthy Brands adds. “As our first recipient, Matavai shares our company values by inspiring diversity that is profitable, sustainable and responsible.”

McCarthy Brands is proud to be associated with and supporting the betterment of Pacific traditions and contemporary heritage in Australia and beyond. Matavai promotes unity, cultural sharing and connection to culture through the education of all ages in Pacific cultural arts. As well as having a strong community presence in Sydney, Matavai also advocates for issues that affect our Pacific community both in Australia and overseas. These issues include climate change, loss of cultural knowledge, education opportunities and youth. As a melting pot of cultural knowledge, Matavai works to consistently provide the community with the highest quality cultural programmes that are educational, authentic, fun and affordable.

Matavai strives to promote the teaching of the positive fundamentals of Pacific culture through dance, language, music and creative arts with their motto to UNITE. SHARE. CONNECT. “We are proud Pacific people! We are honoured to be from a culture that though ancient times, still thrives and continues to survive despite the environmental and social challenges of the modern age,” say Freddy & Maryjane Schwenke. “We believe that our community must never compromise who they are. Each individual deserves to stand tall and walk proudly in the footsteps of their ancestors into a successful future free of prejudice.

Matavai embraces and encourages our community to understand although our island homes are small, we united are the people of the biggest ocean in the world ‘Tagata o le Moana, Pasefika. "McCarthy Brands is a natural extension of our philosophy of excellence. Our diverse range of products and services are attuned to our industry needs but also the aspirations of our community. Today, we like to think our products and services are enhancing business needs, enriching the lifestyles of our customer and their communities.”

For more information: Matavai official Website Online Classes




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