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A R T & D E S I G N  C O N S U L T A N C Y

F I N E   A R T   S E R V I C E S

Our independent Art & Design Consultancy specialises in art creative, buying, agent, art, and design projects, developing and delivering permanent and temporary art and cultural initiatives. Including strategy development, local or national public art symposiums, commissions, community engagements, and creative educational vocations programs.

In our experience, arts, creativity, and culture have the power to transform communities and activate spaces, places, and buildings. 

We take a holistic approach, in celebrating arts & design' unique contributions; we work with a wide range of art professional partners, by striving to deliver outcomes that meet the needs and ambitions of our clients. We work collaboratively with artists, designers, architects, brands and cultural departments or communities. We pride ourselves on 30 years combined, of extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the creative industries across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Our services and art projects importantly have been underpinned by the desire to encourage innovation, creativity and collaboration and value the contribution of artists to the public and private domain.


Gallery Management

Art Administration

Art Rep Agent

Independent Curator

Community Engagement


Exhibitions Installation/ Dismental

Workshop/ Tutorial Classes

Artwork Logistic

Art Storage Solutions


Interior Design


Concept Development

Arts Projects

Gallery Pop Up


ArtDesign Appointment

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Business Hours: 02 9844 5807

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Images/Artworks/Text published on this website are subject to legal copyright conditions. The reproduction of images/artworks or text without permission in writing from McCarthy Gallery on behalf of the author/artist or artist’s estate is prohibited.

To obtain Copyright clearance/ permission, please contact the gallery stating why you wish to reproduce and the exact way you propose to use the image or text. If approval is granted, a reproduction fee may be charged by the Gallery, on behalf of the artist, author or the artist’s estate.



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